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A graduate of UC Berkeley and USF Law School, Brian has practiced family law for the previous twelve years. He joined the practice with Brook Foster, JD, CFLR (now retired) in 2006. Prior to that, he spent three years in New Zealand where he was a member of the Law Faculty at the University of Auckland. Brian is highly respected by attorneys and judges alike and he currently serves as the president of the Santa Cruz Family Law Bar Association. He has published extensively and his articles have appeared in leading legal journals including those at UCLA and Georgetown as well as throughout Australia and New Zealand. Brian 's practice is dedicated exclusively to family law and he takes pride in working closely with clients so that they feel comfortable through all stages of the process. Brian began his career as a litigator and has succesfully tried hundreds of family law cases. In 2013 Brian expanded his practice to include mediation services and, after completeing the training and selection requirements, was admitted to the Santa Cruz Collaborative Practice Group in 2016. He also holds an LLM (post-graduate law degree) from the University of Auckland with a focus in conflict resolution. Click here to see what some of Brian's clients have to say about their experience working with him.

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